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Each purchase includes one year of maintenance, giving you every new version released. After your free year expires, you may purchase a year of upgrades at our Update Site. Your copy will continue to function regardless, and you can always re-download World Machine at our Update Site below.

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Upgrade from Standard to Professional

If you have already purchased the World Machine 2 Standard Edition and then later decided that you want the additional features of WM2 Professional, you may upgrade your edition below. The cost of the upgrade is simply the price differential between the retail price of the two versions. Your existing registration code will be invalidated and you will receive a new download package.

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Upgrading From World Machine 1.x

Existing World Machine users recieve a discount when upgrading to WM 2.0. All upgrades require the previous purchase of a valid copy of World Machine.

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For all other upgrade situations, please contact for further handling.