Which edition suits you?

Standard Professional Professional
Site License
Price ($USD) $99 $249 $1,500
Max Resolution Memory Limits* Memory Limits** Memory Limits**
Multithreading 2-core up to 128-core up to 128-core
64-bit Capable
Tiled Terrains
Multimonitor Support
Automation / Scripting
Users per License 1x 1x All @ Single Location
Complimentary Upgrades 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

*Maximum practical single-file build size limited by available memory.

**Virtually unlimited world size is possible with tiling.

System Requirements

World Machine requires a Windows-based PC running Windows XP or later.

Most systems will be able to run World Machine without issues, however for an optimal experience observe the following system requirements.

A 64bit machine is highly recommended but not required -- World Machine ships with both 32 and 64bit executables.

Recommended System Requirements:

If you have any doubts, simply download and run the Basic Edition to assess if your system meets World Machine's requirements.

What about Mac OS and Linux?