So.. just how would you actually use World Machine ? Here's a thirty second tour of your workflow.

World Machine in Thirty Seconds

Define your needs

Your choices here govern how you will create your world. Do you want to guide the placement of features with a hand-sketched layout or external file.. or let World Machine work completely procedurally?

Shape the World

Onto the blank canvas of the workview you drop objects called devices that define terrain actions and connect them into a network. This network controls every aspect of your terrain; whether your land looks like terraced canyons, rugged eroded mountains, or barren moonscapes.

Want erosion? Plug in the erosion device. Want to guide procedural detail fractals with a hand-drawn guide? How about snow? No problem. Just connect them. Use many effects or just one. The possibilities are endless.

World Machine also offers tools to create sophisticated texture maps based upon the erosion and other details of your terrain.

View, Explore, Refine

As you work, you always will see in realtime what your terrain looks like and how changes affect it. This is true for all devices in the network.

Forgot what the basic terrain fractal looked like before erosion? Just click on it.

Instant feedback allows you to quickly hone in on the parameters that give you the look you want.

Also critical is that the terrain you create exists not just within a small box, but upon an endless world. If you need more terrain outside of what you originally imagined, you won't have to do any extra work -- it will already be there.

Build and Export to your Application

Once you've crafted your world, it's ready to build at a high resolution and export to use in the 3D rendering software or simulation engine of your choice.

Use the result!

Your terrain is done! You can now import it into your render application and move to the next stage of your project.

Image by Markal

But you're not through yet! At any time you can revisit your world file, make changes, and rebuild. Because of the node based nature of World Machine, even profound changes to the nature of your terrain are easy to make.

For more detailed compatibility and workflow with specific applications, we're collecting a whole set of them in the Learning section.

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