Designed especially for the busy environmental artist, the Professional Edition is the best version of World Machine you can purchase -- available in a Per Seat or Site License model.

The Professional Edition

The original World Machine found a home with both the Game Development industry and serious artists. Now for the first time, an edition of World Machine is available that has features specifically targeted to be most useful to those in a professional environment.

All of the Professional Edition features have been highly requested by those in the Game and Visualization industries, and implemented with their feedback. All of these features are designed to save you time!

In addition, the Professional Edition is available in an unlimited site-license form to simplify license management and eliminate per-seat licensing worries.

To save your time

Massive Multithreading

Computer performance nowadays lies almost completely with concurrency, the ability to do work in parallel on multiple cores. Quad core workstations are everywhere, and your build server might throw dozens of cores at the problem.

World Machine Professional has been designed from the ground up to support massive multithreading. World Machine Professional is able to utilize up to 32 cores at once to provide the fastest views and builds possible:

For Building Huge Worlds...

Tiled Terrain Import and Export

As worlds get larger and more detailed, it becomes impractical to store the entire space in memory at once. Tiled (Paged) Terrains have become very popular as a way to manage extremely large terrains. By reducing the enormous world as a whole into a set of smaller tiles, only those areas currently needed can be kept in memory at once, enabling massive, richly detailed worlds.

The Professional Edition eases the workload of creating and maintaining these tilesets. Any World Machine world can be output in a tiled fashion, at any resolution you desire. Many-gigabyte? No problem.

Any data type supported for export by World Machine can be exported in tiles (this includes Heightfields, Bitmaps, and Meshes)

Not Just Export Only

The Tiled File Input device allows you to import and use tiled sets of data as seamlessly as if it was a single file.

Each independent set of tiles is managed by a multi-resolution caching system that ensures that even with very large worlds working with your tiled terrains and textures remains easy.

Scripting & Automation

<automation version="WMP2.0A">
 <echo text="Beginning Example Script"/>
 <section name="Normal Build">
  <load file="example_script.tmd"/>
  <build mode="normal"/>

World Machine Professional Edition includes scripting ability. WM Pro script files are XML files that allow you to build a world or sequence of worlds from the commandline. This lets you include World Machine in overnight content builds, or other automated processes.

In addition, you have some limited control over output from within the script (choosing the resolution, world extents, etc)

Multiple Monitor Support

If you have multiple monitors you probably don't need to be told how useful they are! Now you can use them in World Machine. Keep any view(s) you want open on your second monitor.

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