Ask and you shall receive: a fairly complete list of the features that World Machine offers.
Even here there's not enough space to list all features. Are you ready yet to take World Machine for a spin?

Artificial Terrain. Natural Appearance

Powerful Fractal Generators

The theory of fractals provides nearly unlimited level of detail to your terrains. However, fractal terrains often lack diversity and are difficult to control.

World Machine 2's Advanced Perlin Noise allows you to create very unique terrain types and styles, ranging from realistic to incredibly stylized.

Graph Based Interface

The shape of your world depends upon the components used to create it. World Machine uses a network-based (graph) user interface; these have been growing in popularity for a number of years. By stringing together components, you can achieve endless combinations of effects.

Powerful Erosion Modelling

The natural world is not shaped merely by mathematics. Wind, water, and other chaotic processes are responsible for much of the appearance of our world. World Machine offers industry-leading erosion tools to help create natural appearing terrains.

Powerful precipitation and river erosion models allow you to simulate millions of years of erosion...without having you wait around too long.

Visual Design, Procedural Power

Bridge the gap between artistically hand-crafted and fully artificial terrains.

New to World Machine 2 is a layout view that allows you to use vector-based drawing tools to manipulate your terrain. Combine the power of infinitely detailed fractals with intutively drawn shapes to define your major terrain features.

Texture your World

For the first time, World Machine can create not only the shape of your terrain, but the color of it. Create megatexture-style high resolution texture maps for your external renderer or simulation engine, or create and export influence maps for traditional tiled texture rendering.

To help deal with the complexity of crafting textures, World Machine 2 ships with a variety of pre-built macros that make assembling fantastic looking surface texture maps quite easy. In fact, most of the images you see here have had their texture maps created solely with one of these default macros!

RGB data is manipulated in full 32bit floating point accuracy, and can be exported to 8 and 16bit/channel formats.

One World. Many Views

The terrain you define in World Machine exists upon an endless plane; you can view or export as large or small a section as you prefer at any time. Your viewing options incude:

...and too Much More to List!

The features above only scratch the surface of what World Machine is capable of. What else does it offer? A few examples include:

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