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Feb 18, 2017
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Terrain Generator
by: Athos Correia Sampaio (uploaded by)
A macro that generates planetscape terrains
I've made this freely, not grounded on scientific facts, only guided by visual results, JUST FOR FUN (in uppercase to remember you not to blame me for scientific inaccuracy), while trying to see if I could make a landscape with craters, like in the moon. Later I added some plateaus and reddish tones, just for fun.

Try the parameters and remember to play with "Amount of Plateaus" and the colors. I guess these are the parameters that create a wider range of planetscapes.

It uses inside of it a Lightmap maker node and I added some cloud shadows, using a Perlin with few octaves. You can turn these lighting effects on and off in the parameters.

Hope you like it. Have fun with it.

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#1 posted on 2:19PM Feb 18, 2017

Cloud shadows in Mars. Hehehe. I didn't think about it. Maybe when Mars gets terraformed. But anyways... This is not Mars, it's generic.


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