About World Machine Software LLC

About Us

World Machine Software, LLC is a small independent software company founded in 2008 and located in Seattle, WA.

Growing steadily since its founding, World Machine has become one of the industry standard solutions for creating awesome terrain.

Our focus and passion is helping artists create realistic and fantastic terrain for their projects.

Orders and Licensing Requests: orders@world-machine.com
Customer Support: helpdesk@world-machine.com

The Story Behind World Machine

World Machine Software is the creation of company founder Stephen Schmitt. World Machine grew out of his research on terrain in computer graphics while studying applied mathematics at the University of Washington.

Stephen Schmitt


Stephen resides in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA in Seattle, WA. Besides the study of mathematics and computer graphics, he enjoys getting out into the very nature that World Machine models digitally. He also enjoys drinking a good IPA.

"World Machine grew from a happy accident many years ago! Dissatisfied with the previous state of the art in terrain creation, I was experimenting with methods to improve on some of the unconvincing-looking terrain generation methods available at the time for graphic artists and game developers. I was excited by the potential of simulating realistic erosional features, and when merged with the (at-the-time-rare) concept of a graph-based application, something great was born. Slowly that tool grew and prospered, becoming not just a small business but the industry leader in terrain creation. Many years later, it is still going strong. Thanks for your support!"

Want to give some feedback?

If you want to drop me a line, send an email over to stephen@world-machine.com! I can't always reply to every email, but I do read them and I love to hear from folks using World Machine.