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Feb 4, 2015
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by: unknown (uploaded by)
Easily create variations of color across the terrain
This macro creates a color texture of the terrain, and have a good amount of control on how to do so.

This macro is uploaded here because I've had a lot of questions where to get this one through YouTube. I honestly don't remember myself, whether it was something I found on a forum or in the official build - somehow nobody seems to find it through searching or in the official build of WM, so here we go.

I'm sorry if I've stepped on some toes if you're the original creator of this macro and don't want it to be widely available.

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#1Kiwi-Hawk posted on 5:11PM Jul 31, 2015

Does anybody know what the texture inputs are used for, or how to use them. sorry my biggest problem with using macros correctly is lack of information on what connects to what.


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