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Mar 12, 2013
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Texture Masking
by: Construc (uploaded by)
Stackable shaded colorizer: mask, guide, tile
A simple macro that can be stacked one on top of the other to save on node space.

Contains several presets.

-Overlay: Put output from previous nodes here, and Colorium will apply itself onto them
-Colour Guide: Optional shading guide for the colours- accentuates the output and makes it fit the terrain, useful for real-world effect.
-Mask: chose what parts of your image Colorium will be applied to.

-colours 1&2
-mask opacity scalar
-invert mask
-invert colours
-colour variation scalar
-use only one colour option

-Stacked Out: unfiltered output
-Out: filters this node's specific colours- useful for applying additional filters before re-integrating into main node list.

NOTE: this is still a WM 2.2 macro, i haven't upgraded yet so you may have to change a few things depending on whats new (I hear the colorize node could do with some adjusting)


-several new colouring features, including normalized shading and the option to use just one colour.

-updated colours now represent real world values better.

-grouped nodes so the new features dont swamp you!

-highlights and shadows added to the colours.


-Adjusted the noise so that a full colour variation will not result in chaos
-added a subtraction node to add shading and 'pop' to masked areas

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