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Jan 9, 2018
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Rating : 69
by: Hylke Sebus (uploaded by)
High detail textures in a blink of an eye
HYLK Colouriser

NOTE: This macro works only in 3.build3016 or higher!

I would like to see your creations with this colouriser! If you'd like to, you can share your work with me at my Facebook.

This colouriser is a complex yet elegant macro to give a nice texture to your terrain. It works with colourtables instead of normal colours. The result is a colouriser with very rich and nature-like patterns.

Some (funny) insights/thing you could do:
- There are:
* 3 dirt tables
* 2 sand tables
* 4 stone tables
* 2 grass tables
* 2 canyon tables
* 1 Snow table
* 1 Slope table
- The snow texture will be added to the flow and wear maps. This will result in a realistic snow coverage.
- You can use the snow option also to add different stuff to your terrain, like sand. It's not only for snow.

Ideas for the future:
- more colourtables
- more realistic snow effects


Only look inside if you know what you are doing. Don't touch the colourisers inside the macro, it will reset the colourtables and make this colouriser obsolete!

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#4bysGamerYT posted on 2:50AM Jan 19, 2018

Oh :/ I can't upgrade so I can't feedback you :c But it seems good at the photo :P

#3Fat_Bob posted on 5:14AM Jan 14, 2018

Brilliant macro.
Many Thanks!

#2HYLK posted on 12:23PM Jan 12, 2018

Hey bysGamerYT, this macro is indeed made for 3.x (it's made in 3.build3016, as stated in the title). Since it uses some new features from 3.x I can't 'downgrade' it. :(

#1bysGamerYT posted on 7:12AM Jan 12, 2018

I can't try it! I have the latest version. I think you made it for 3.x


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