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Jul 15, 2012
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Geological Generator
by: Construc (uploaded by)
Both creates procedural terrain and colours it.
Adjust colours to suit scene.
Adjust sliders to make it pretty looking.
Add your own heightmap if youre just looking for colouring, or use the heightmap generator provided.
Icecaps is in alpha, everything else is beta.
contains stuff from coastal overlay and voronoise, credit to those guys for their contribution.
outputs to heightmap, bitmap, ambient occlusion, lightmap, and several masks for photoshoping.
easy to use, grouped devices for editing.

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#2 posted on 6:38PM Feb 11, 2013

Great macro, only one problem. It's useless for low screen resolutions since you cant accept the settings. It goes off the screen.

#1Construc posted on 2:10AM Jul 20, 2012

just as a note, this is a terribly complicated macro and should only really be used by people who are new and want to get into complicated things. i made this like a week or so after purchasing world-machine, and it shows.


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